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Straight Line Agate - Transform interiors with Straight Line Agate slabs, showcasing nature’s linear elegance and timeless beauty for a sophisticated look

Straight Line Agate slabs are a stunning natural stone option, renowned for their distinct linear patterns and elegant appearance. Each slab showcases a unique arrangement of straight, parallel lines that create a sleek and modern aesthetic. These slabs are highly versatile, making them ideal for use in countertops, feature walls, and decorative accents. Their durability and timeless beauty make them a perfect choice for both residential and commercial interiors. Straight Line Agate slabs bring a refined and sophisticated touch to any space, effortlessly blending nature's artistry with contemporary design.


Minimum Slab Size2 ft x 2 ft
Maximum Slab Size350 cm x 190 cm
Thickness1cm, 2cm, 3cm, 4cm
Surface FinishPolished
UsageFlooring, Countertop, Vanity Tabletop, Claddnig, Dining Table, Bar Counter, Wall Panels, Furniture
Refractive Index 1.53 - 1.54
Water AbsorptionNonporous

Versatility in Design Applications

Straight Line Agate slabs offer exceptional versatility in interior design, making them a preferred choice for adding elegance and sophistication to various spaces. Here are some of their versatile applications:

  • Straight Line Agate Countertops and Vanities:The sleek, linear patterns of Straight Line Agate slabs make them perfect for countertops and vanities, providing a modern and unique look to kitchens and bathrooms.
  • Straight Line Agate Feature Walls: These slabs create striking feature walls, adding depth and visual interest to living rooms, bedrooms, or entryways. The distinct lines draw the eye and serve as a conversation piece.
  • Straight Line Agate Backsplashes:Straight Line Agate is ideal for backsplashes in kitchens and bathrooms, introducing a stylish and contemporary element that complements various design themes.
  • Straight Line Agate Furniture Accents: Incorporate these slabs into furniture design, such as tabletops, cabinet inlays, or shelving units, to create bespoke pieces that highlight the stone's natural beauty and linear patterns.
  • Straight Line Agate Flooring and Staircases:Use Straight Line Agate for flooring or staircase applications to add a touch of luxury and elegance. The durability and unique appearance make it a standout choice for high-traffic areas.

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Discover the Exceptional Quality of Precious Gem Surfaces

Precious Gem Surfaces offers agate of unparalleled quality, featuring stunning natural patterns and vibrant colors. Their meticulous selection process ensures each slab is unique and of the highest standard. Customers can expect exceptional durability and aesthetic appeal in every piece. The craftsmanship reflects a commitment to excellence, making their agate slabs a top choice for sophisticated interiors. With a focus on customer satisfaction, Precious Gem Surfaces consistently delivers agate that enhances the beauty and elegance of any space.