petrified wood slab

Petrified wood is undoubtedly one of the most spectacular and beautiful looking material. Petrified wood is a rare find and it has been said that only a small proportion of the petrified wood can be cut and polished into pieces that can become prized specimens for collections that appreciate its beauty. Before speaking of its beauty and appeal let’s first talk about what basically petrified wood is and how does it become a stone slab? Petrified wood is a special kind of material formed over millions of years when plant material is buried by sediment and then is protected from decay by oxygen and organisms, Petrified wood basically undergoes a process which is known as permineralization to become a fossil. Petrified woods that are suitable for stone slabs are selected by hand and are brought back for careful inspection. The petrified wood chosen has to be generally free from any fractured in order to be suitable for the slab. Further, petrified woods are cut individually and are filled with resin, transforming it into a slab through a combination of nature and highly skilled craftsmanship. Precious Gem Surfaces is the leading Petrified Wood Slabs Exporter in India.

How Old is Petrified Wood

The process of petrified wood making is over a thousand years old but most of the petrified wood is around millions of years old. Storms and flooring once filled the tropical lowlands of the area with the sediment, mud and mineral-rich water to cover the dense thick of trees. After the forest was covered, the volcanic eruptions scattered ash and high silica debris across the land. Further, the addition of the ash smothered the organic material which was then left for petrification. The petrified wood slabs supplied and exported by us are of rich quality material and are hand-selected and made using highly skilled and professional craftsmanship.

Benefits and uses of Petrified wood slabs for home:

Along with being a stone of high metaphysical properties and physical benefits, it also synonymous to luxury and beauty.

  • A Luxurious stone
  • Highly durable
  • Protective Qualities
  • Provides balance in meditation
  • Stabilizes anxiety and fear
  • Used for countertops & Flooring

Petrified wood slabs are said to have grounding and protecting properties as well as are known to bring the feeling of well-being safety and security. One of our signature product, our petrified wood slabs are known to bring a touch of luxury that is organic into space. They are a piece of art and has been compressed by the sediment underneath. Semi-Precious gemstones have been used for ages and are known for their spiritual, emotional and physical healing. Petrified wood slabs are a part of the semi-precious collection and offered in a wide range of hues such as yellow, black and brown. The exotic minerals which are found in these specimen make these colours possible. The petrified wood slab can be installed as a countertop, backsplash, wall cladding and even for flooring.

Petrified wood slabs
Petrified wood slab fossils
Petrified wood slabs
Petrified wood slab fossils