Top Quality Semi-precious gemstone Furnitures

Semi-Precious Slabs are much more versatile and durable than many people assume. They make a stunning addition to your home by creating luxury and class with their looks. There are several kinds of semi-precious stone slabs in India today and most of them are sturdy enough to be used for countertops as well as for wall cladding, flooring and for accent pieces. People usually opt to use them for their countertops and other accent pieces to showcase their beauty. Precious Gem Surfaces is the leading Semi Precious Slabs Manufacturer in India engaged in supplying a wide variety of semi-precious slabs such as Agate Slabs, Tiger Eye Slabs, Blue Agate Slabs, Golden Tiger Eye Slabs and more. Whether a semi-precious stone slab is used as an art piece on the wall or for countertops and flooring, it stands the test of time and the daily wear and tears just as well as other natural stones. All the slabs offered by us are manufactured with utmost care and precision to ensure excellent durability.